Kredible is the Number one core banking system for microfinance in Sri Lanka

Product Features


  • Ability to create loan product
  • Ability to issue multiple/individual loans for borrowers
  • Ability to generate loan related agreements, promissory notes, and reports
  • Ability to approve and reject loan requests
  • Ability to access past loan details issued for borrowers


  • PAR Report
  • Arrears Report
  • Denomination Report
  • Collection Report
  • Non Performing Loans Report
  • Under Payment Report
  • Branch Report


  • Ability to enter Journal Entries
  • Ability to manage Chart of Accounts
  • Ability to add and manage Banks
  • Ability to manage Fixed Assets
  • Ability to manage Petty Cash
  • Ability to issue vouchers and print cheques
  • Accounting related reports
    • Trial Balance
    • Balance Sheet
    • Profit and Loss
  • Ability to add employees for payroll
  • Ability to automate payroll for field executives
  • Ability to generate payroll slip for employees
          • Ability to create unlimited branches and set petty cash amounts
          • Ability to add and restrict roles for users
          • Ability to create multiple users
          • Ability to create type of users and assign roles
          • Ability to create Field Officers

    Kredible will drive your business forward

    Using Kredible will allow your microfinance organization to achieve more! The solution enable the organization to expand its loan coverage, streamline and eliminate manual processes